Jason Schaller is Founder and Principal of The Schaller Group, a Design, Construction and Creative Agency.  With over 22 years of Commercial and Multifamily real estate, design and construction  experience. Prior to forming The Schaller Group, Mr. Schaller was Vice President and Managing Director at McKinley, Inc., a $4.6 Billion Dollar real estate company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan where he worked for over 18 years. He served as an executive who was responsible for leading property management operations, sales, marketing, branding, due-diligence, acquisitions, design, construction and redevelopment throughout McKinley's National Real Estate Platform. Mr. Schaller has a reputation for conquering the most challenging projects and he has been directly responsible for the property management operations of a 7,000+ unit Apartment Portfolio,  a 16 Million SF Commercial Portfolio and most recently designing and building a business within the business for McKinley | Hyde Park, McKinley's Boutique Luxury Apartment Portfolio in Tampa, Florida. He has designed an repositioned 1300 unit apartment buildings, beachside resorts and regional shopping malls. Mr. Schaller has worked for private and institutional owners, has been named receiver in the State of Florida and has repositioned receivership and REO assets in 21 states. 


Throughout his career Mr. Schaller has designed and executed over $200 Million of restoration, redevelopment and construction projects in the Multifamily, Hospitality and Retail Industry. His multi-faceted experience has given him insight into the mind of the consumer. He understands the owner's perspective and the need to construct projects with low, long-term operational costs that are value-engineered to save money at the time the project is executed. Furthermore, Mr. Schaller has a track record for driving results with sales and operations once the project is redeveloped.  Since forming The Schaller Group at the end of 2017, Mr. Schaller has designed, branded and constructed over 100 multifamily, hospitality and commercial projects. 


Mr. Schaller, originally from Michigan, graduated with honors from Grosse Ile High School and later graduated with honors from Eastern Michigan University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Arts Management and Marketing. He relocated from Detroit, Michigan to Winter Park, Florida in 2009. In addition to his career in Design and Real Estate, Mr. Schaller has performed and recorded internationally as a rock n' roll guitarist for over 25 years.  He is an entrepreneur and founder of the Trust Me Cap and Trust Me Brands. Mr. Schaller served as board president for the ROCK CF Foundation, has worked with the Rollins College Crummer Graduate School Executive MBA Program and has consulted and provided executive leadership coaching for private businesses. Mr. Schaller is a regular supporter of music and the arts and he currently serves on the board of the Timucua Arts Foundation in Orlando, Florida.  He travels frequently to gain design inspiration.